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This Property Has Every Thing - Best View in Panama

Building Site is Ready, Road to Site, Water, Electric. Plus 20 acres of green space!  OWNER FINANCING!

Description  $38,000

Black Rock Ranch is seeking owners who want to live a secluded, creative lifestyle that could be self sufficient if needed.  The Ranch has the best of both worlds, seclusion and security!  The Ranch is seeking those people who like horses, bicycles and walking.  ATV’s and Motorcycles are not allowed on the Ranch.

Chris (the developer/owner) has an Art Studio and wood working shop that homeowners can use for a very small fee. Classes are held in Cement Art and Sculpture, Stained Glass, Paper Making, Painting, Drawing and Fiber Arts.

There is a paved road that runs in front of the Ranch but only about 10 cars a day pass by.  Lots have driveways or roughed in road.

Seclusion and Security

This is a rare opportunity to have total privacy, but with all the advantages of living in small community.   Chris has local very honest people who can watch your house if you are out of town.  There is very little theft in Caldera, Chris accidentally left his house unlocked for 6 months with no problem.  Chris has left item of value out on the property to see if they disappeared.


Caldera has a climate similar to Hawaii.  Daytime temperatures hover around the mid-80s and nights can get as cool as the mid-60s. Caldera receives more sun than the neighboring town of Boquete.  During the months of December to April – dry season in Panama – Caldera generally gets rain once or twice a month on average.  During the rainy season Caldera typically has sunny mornings, partly cloudy to cloudy afternoons, and rain in the late afternoon to early evening.

Cool Breezes

Because of the Ranch’s close proximity to the 10,000 ft mountain the breeze is cool during the day which make the ranch so pleasant.  The tempurature at the Ranch is always much lower than the temperature in the town of Caldera.


The only sound heard at BRR is the local birds and wildlife.  There are very few cars, and no airplanes.  In May there is a three-day fiesta held in Caldera with lively music that can be heard from a distance.  

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Land 1 Acres  4000 sq meters

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