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Location is perhaps the most important thing in real estate and more so in Panama because of the many different climates.  So we created Panama For Sale By Owners site  (PFSBO), and arranged it by location.  So you can see the listings in the area(s) that you are interested in.  Each box contains listing in that area. Choose the area of Panama that you would like to live in, if you want the beach areas choose them, if you want highlands choose them or choose the cities.  

Click on an area you like and you will be taken to a localized map of that area.  You will then see all the properties in that area with price and location and thumbnails of each property.  Click on the properties you are interseted in. You will be taken to a whole web page dedicated to that property with lots of information and photos about that properties.  PFSBO is a much more complete site than almost every real estate site in Panama because we offer the buyer complete data about each property, including photos, videos, features, location.  You can easily contact the owner with a single click and arrange a showing of the property.

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