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We recommend that you look at the listing page to see the information that you will need and also to look at the Photo Info page to get ideas and techniques for your photos

This site is under construction.  If you would like to be featured, send us your property data now. We will create your listing page and post it for free until the site has 25 listings. Then we will charge you if you are happy.

On the main map, if your property is located outside of a box, we will create a new box on the map for your listing.


$95 for your listing includes everything to set your listing up on the site - one property. This includes a Thumbnail of your property for the map page.  A dedicated page with a Banner that automatically plays up to 6 photos, description area, property features, area and a photo gallery with up to 15 photos and your property. Your own web site address (URL) which you can used on business cards to give to prospective buyers.  Click Here to see an example of a listing with everything.  Our guarantee:  You do not have to pay until after your web page has been created and you are happy.  We accept Paypal, credit cards via Paypal and bank deposits at Banco General.


$60 for a second Photo Gallery Page that can contain up to 15 additional photos.   There would be a button on first page that says,  More Photos. See example listing above.

$20 Contact Form - Pop Up window, this gives you very secure email.  Or for free you can have a button that will open the buyers email with a preaddressed message to you.  We can customize the form to ask any questions of the buyer that you would like.

$25 to $50 for video pop up.  If you have a video on youtube, you just have to send us the address and we will create the popup with your video - cost is $25.  If you have your own video, but it's not on youtube, we can put it on youtube for you and create the popup window for your video - $50.

$25 for a pop up window with your location showing on a google map.  You can have this at the bottom of your page for free.

$25 for a pop up window with a 360 degree panorama, you need to provide the photo.  2 apple ipad/iphone panoramas will create a 360.

Second Page for Plat Map or other info $75  Plat map can be put in your gallery if you wish,

$15 For each time you want to edit your page.  Price, text, photos etc.   Of course before we publish your page, we will send you a link to the page. You will have 48 hours to make any changes you want free of charge.  


$15 ANNUAL FEE - The one recurring cost.  The only reason for this is just in case you forget to tell us you have sold your property.  We can remove your listing as we are sure you won’t pay for something you don't need.  This money is allocated into our website advertising plan and hosting fees.


To make it easy for you to send your information and photos, we have created a Listing Form that you complete with all your information and selected photos. Upload them in the order you want them to appear on your page. Click send. Everything will come to us auomatically.  The insures that you include all the information that will help sell your property.

The best part is that you can work on the form then save it and come back later to complete it.  You can take as much time as you need. The form has built in insturctions on it but we also have a manual for people who like them.


If you look at our local map page you will see the local map on the left side of the page and our listing on the right of the page. The top four listings spots are for FEATURED listings. It costs $20 a month for one of these spots.  All the money collected from these listings goes to marketing this website.   These locations are first come first serve.  If a property repeats in this location on the page then it moves to the top spot.  If we have no sellers who have elected to feature their listings then any new listing will show there for one month.

The thumbnails below the map will rotate by row every two weeks so everyone gets in a good position.  



We can provide full editing services, text creation etc. on an as time permits bases.  Lorraine has 35 years experience in real estate as a Broker and Realtor. She is an excellent writer. She can talk to you, look at your photos and prepare write ups for you.  The fee for this is $25 per hour and typically takes between 2 and 4 hours on average.  


In the states Lorraine would tour clients houses suggesting thing they could do to make the house show better.  This is something that few Panama Realtor so.  If you are in the Chiriqui area Lorraine can come and provide this service for you.


We can do pretty extensive photo repairs, adjusting exposure, removing unwanted objects from photos, create HDR photos, stich photos together to create panorama.. We also can crop and size your photos for the best look possible on your listing page.  Send us an email that you want this done just after you have sent your completed form to us.  We will call to see what you want done with your photos infront of us.

Average $5 to $25 per photo.

Manual for Form

Sample Listing Page

See Photo Info Page

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